Saturday, May 26, 2012

Greenville Journal

Last  Monday night , May 21,2012 , Council 10819 donated 1038 dollars to three organizations : Washington Center , Meyer center , and Greenville Disabilities and Special Needs Board (Day services ). Now  many of you in Greenville Sc may know , GDSNB is not that popular these days . 1 Day after receiving the donation , the board was dismantled . All board members fired and removed , and that included The interim director  Patrick Haddon  as well as anyone he hired while in the position . Jason Weigand  , the director of Quality assurance was also walked out as well .... He actually received the donation.He is seen with me and Dr. Brownly(Washington Center Principle)  on Facebook after we gave the donations. Well ,we was told that if I submitted our donation info with pics to Miss April Morris via email it would most likely go in Fridays journal .Instead what we got was a rehash of what happened  during the week with the firing and more negative press . Miss Morris had the chance to print something good about GDSNB but just chose to contribute in reporting the negative . I understand how it may have been a necessity to print that story , but GDSNB 's indaviduals that are served is what counts and this money went to them ... As Chairman of Operation Hope for council 10819  , I am appalled and very very dissapointed in Miss Morris . SHAME on you Miss Morris for not reporting the  good  as well . ....

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


93.3 THE PLANET radio show host known as MATT MAN Heckles Michelle Bachmann .

I felt the need to blog this post because I happen to be a local listener of this radio station and its sister stations as well . I usually listen back and forth from radio station to radio station.I do happen lately to be listening more to THE RISE GUYS MORNING SHOW . I remember the days when both MATT MAN and SKIP would be strict republicans ,while PAIGE (spelling might be off) would be the liberal I just could not stand .Over the years MATT MAN it seems has left the Republican party to an extent . When Bush jr ran for the second term MATT MAN and SKIP got into a couple of heated discussions with PAIGE and he was all the way Republican . By 2009 not so much . I remember him on SCENE On 7 . KIMBERLY KELLY had him on and while this liberal female (not important enough to remember ) hammered about Palin and other republicans he sat back and said nothing . And when Kim asked him if he was a real republican (in so many words) He (with sun glasses on ,a tacky blazer and I think jeans with a possible dip in his mouth ) said that he was not really (in so many words) . It was a disappointment to me ,knowing how he and skip were at one time .(speaking of SKIP,He lost his job because of a DUI . I think there was more too it then that but we will leave it at that ) MATT MAN went to a MICHELLE BACHMANN rally the other day and had the nerve to make a comment in (yelling fashion) about her husband possibly being gay and marrying a man . He asked her if that was the reason why she is against gay marriage or gays in general . It appears as though MATT MAN has gone liberal over the years . I think one of his liberal co-hosts PAIGE has rubbed off on him . Speaking of PAIGE , she made a negative comment towards BACHMANN as well something to the affect of her intelligence level. PAIGE is an over the hill woman who couldn't make it anywhere else that is why she is a co-host on a radio show thats main listeners (or excuse me P1's ) get stoned ,drunk and play video games . (I happen to not do either of them .)The other guys on the show seem ok . But lets take a look: NINE AKA JIMMY , I have to give a little credit to considering he lost his father to an unfortunate situation . He still was able to pick it up and start from the ground level to being a radio show host with 250,000-500,000 listeners (not sure the number ) on a given day .He also after becoming a father,seems to have gained a little faith and taken a step towards Christianity and seems to be very easy going at times. (so I heard on one of the shows months back )He seems to have for the most part a good heart I will leave NINE alone. Even though he has made negative comments towards BACHMANN and other REPUBLICANS/CONSERVATIVES he didn't do what MATT MAN did .(congrats on being a new Father) FAT BOY seems fine he is I believe the producer of the show . He is a pretty funny guy . Other then saying some stupid off the cuff remarks,I have no problem with him for the most part . His assistant producer JLN or JEFF LUIS NEIL has the personality of brick . I heard that he failed to take care of an email situation while the guys were on vacation .I see he's gonna go far (sarcasm ) He probably shaves his back hair.I think I got them all covered . MATT MAN was out of line. He is obviously for Homosexual marriage .(the whole group probably is ) I find it hard to believe that they would have heckled a democrat . For some reason liberals like these do not like conservatives who are female and that makes me sick .PALIN got a hit and now BACHMANN seems to be getting a hit just as hard . I take it the candidate (if female) for the liberals has to look unattractive . IF PALIN and BACHMANN were ugly then it may be a different story.I take it woman's lib does not apply to conservative females .Lets get to the homosexual marriage issue for a second : I personally know a priest that counseled homosexuals.I have heard of some successful cases from him .Its a choice to be homosexual . Now it is common sense to know this . WE are all here not because two men had intercourse but a man and a woman had intercourse(with what I believe to be God's approval) . Now preventing homosexuals from marriage really is not discrimination because the homosexual makes the choice to be homosexual.You simply should not put them in the same category as a man of another race or a person with a disability (they were born that way).Alot of liberal Christians will vote homosexual marriage in if brought to a vote.I can't really blame Paige (Former California liberal)but she has been down here for a while now . I know that her vote in the South here obviously amounts to nothing considering the Conservatives win mostly .Even though the RISE GUYS make political statements from time to time , there main function is to entertain . I happen to enjoy Truth AND CONSEQUENCES and WAR OF THE ROSES . But for the listeners who from time to time follow politics , might want to tune into RUSS CASSLE(once again not sure the spelling) on WORD 106.3 , or TONY B on Christian talk 660 , because the Republican in MATT MAN has left the building and for the most part they are now part of the LUNNEY LEFT .

Feel free to comment and thanks for reading , FRANKIE MARCELL

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Open Challenge to 7thJewlproductions

Good evening to all invited to my blog:

For the past month I have been going back and forth with a Nation of Islam Muslim by the youtube name of 7thjewlproductions (or something like that). He is a young man such as myself . He has videos that are pro Nation of Islam . They believe that the white man is the devil . They believe Jesus was not crucified but killed by a Roman officer. They believe alot of what The real original muslims believe . I debated with them for while as well . Far more educated then the NAtion of islam Muslims I encounter and especially more educated then this one as well. I came to him with points against the Quran . I came to him with the bulk of what I have in my Quran series here on this blog. He responded with stereo type attacks on priests and nuns . He came back with "liar" He came back with misinterpretation of the bible . He all the while failed to defend his Quran ,which he should have been doing . He acts as if I never came with the actual arguments . In turn he is lying about our debates that are clearly on his video comment board . He wants me to leave but I won't at this point because people are dying everyday because of what that book says and I have made it a personal mission to discredit the Quran . Since he denies that I stated certain things I made a flat out challenge to him . I challenged him to a live debate on youtube . He is yet to accept the challenge . He responded with cop-out remarks . I let him comment on my channel so all can see what kind of an individual he is . I also made the challenge to him on my channel . I made the same challenge comment on his channel but he is yet to approve the comment . I am waiting for him to accept . He is yet to accept my challenge on this blog or accept a pm messaging debate . I will keep everyone in the loop on what this man tends to do . IF he backs down or accepts I shall let everyone know .

Saturday, August 6, 2011



LAst week I joined CARM discussions FORUM . IT is a Christian (So they say)
Forum. Its layout is kind of like mighty righty (conservative forum) . There is a bunch of forums about the Catholic church . They have a forum category for many faiths . There is a big group of forum posts involving the Catholic church . Some of them started by anti Catholics and others by Catholics . Well for the last week I would go on these posts and correct those who were posting negatively about the Catholic church from misinterpretation or misunderstanding . WEll after a week of doing that I guess they had enough of me . One of the posters stated that the RCC was a cult . SO I responded back with Matthew 12:36-37 that states that we will all have to render an account for every careless word we speak by our words we will be acquitted and by our words we will be condemned .And I stated that Christ would not like people talking badly about his church (Matt 16 and 18) I stated that if you talk badly about his church you talk badly about him . This is pretty much what I stated in a nutshell . No more then 10 minutes later, I got a message from the moderator giving me a warning . The reason stated was that I insulted a poster . So I responded back by stating that I was warned for insulting a poster who insulted my church by calling it a cult . And that it made no sense to warn me and not him . After all it was him that first called my church (RCC ) a cult . The responded back with a 3 day band . I cannot log back in until Monday . It seems that CARM is for the most part an anti Catholic forum with no interest in hearing or seeing the truth . They have made their minds up about the Catholic church and thats all there is to it . So I wont return on Monday to that Forum . I cannot bear to see such hatred for the church without being able to respond . On youtube and Catholic answers forum you can at least respond without getting banned for the most part(unless you are really vulgar or fowl mouthed ) . CAF lets protestants state their view and defend their faith , without warnings and bans . (I got one warning from them for a misunderstanding with a fellow Catholic but other then that they are very fair) SO CAtholics be aware of CARM they only light weight comments from Catholics hit the forum . I will be back soon to finish the Quran Forum . Other then that have a good one and enjoy the blog.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Quran Series

Covering Their Tracks

Muhammad was very clever in covering his tracks, for at least the ignorant . He knew that there would come a time when people would begin to question his book (Quran) Lest take a look at a few suras shall we?
Al-Baqarah 106
"None of our revelations do we abrogate or cause to be forgotten but we substitute something better or similar... "
This is trying to say GOd can contradict himself by saying one thing and changing view on it later. This covers his tracks not only for some of the bogus claims the Quran makes but also for the contradictions it has with the bible . It and the Bible seem to clash heads at times. The Quran denies certain things about Jesus and what Christian do in worshiping him .I will point these contradictions out in future blogs of course.
Al-i-Imran 78
"There is among them a section who distort the book with their tongues as they read so that you think it is part of the book .But it is no part of the Book .And they say "that is from Allah " but it is not from Allah . It is they who tell a lie against Allah ,and they know it!"
He would have said this about us today if he could . He covers his tracks often in the Quran . He stated the above verse to try and stop the truth from getting out about the book(Quran ) We must remember that Muhammad (when starting this religion ) took advantage of pagan Arabs . He was a respected leader among the people before writing the Quran . He was able to now manipulate the people by writing this book claiming Allah(God in Arabic) wrote it .Soon I will have another installment of the Quran series . GOd Bless ,and pray for a Muslim .

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Quran Series

Quran Violence

Many members of Islam will claim that their religion is a religion of peace . The problem is , the terrorists Muslims are all claiming that the Quran says to fight in the name o0f Allah. In the following suras (or verse) I will show you what I am talking about . Mind you as I have shown you previously that this book could not have been inspired by God .

Al-An fal 60 "Against them make ready your strength to the utmost of your power ,including steeds of war ,to strike terror into (the hearts ) of the enemies ,and others ,besides whom ye may not know .Whatever to shall speed in the cause of Allah shall not be treated unjustly ."
Al-Anfal 74 "Those who believe and emigrate and fight for the faith ,in the cause of Allah, as well as those who give them asylum and aid -these are all in very truth the believers :for them is the forgiveness of sins and a provision most generous ."
Al-Anfal 75 "And those who accept faith subsequently ,and emigrate ,and fight for the faith in your company -they are of you but kindred by blood have prior rights against each other in the books of Allah .Verily Allah is well aquainted with all things"
At-Tauba 5"When the forbidden months are past then fight and slay the pagans wherever ye find them ...but if they repent and pay Zakat then open the way for them . "
At-Tauba 12-14 and 29 all promote fighting as well.
An-Nisaa 74 "Let those fight in the cause of Allah who sell the life of this world for the here and after .To him who fights in the cause of Allah whether he is slain or gets victory -son shall we give him a reward of great value "
An-Nisaa 75 "..and why should ye not fight in the cause of Allah of those being weak ,are ill-treated and oppressed.?"
An -Nisaa 76 "Those who believe fight in the cause of Allah , and those who reject faith in the cause of evil. So fight ye against the friends of Satan."
An-Nisaa 84" Fight in Allah's cause thout art held responsibility only for thyself -and rouse the unbelievers :for Allah is the strongest in might and in punishment ."
Al-Baqarah 190-191 "Fight in the cause of Allah those who fight you .........slay them wherever you catch them ."
AL-Baqarah 216"Fighting is prescribed to you and ye may not like it ,but it is possible that you dislike a thing which is good for you . "

I just wanted to give you all a taste of what the Muslim extremists follow . They read the verses given above and they take them to heart.So is it the muslim extremist misinterpreting it or is it the book itself that is in error ? A little bit of both? The fact is that people are dying every day for these suras and it is not right . WE are at war since 9/11 and this book is partial to blame for it . I am sorry if you all should disagree but that fact is people are dying because of a book not even inspired by God . Now some may say "wait a minute your catholic , your catechism says that Muslims are included in salvation ." Notice I am discrediting a book not the Muslims faith completely . Hope you all enjoyed thank you .

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Quran Series .

The Quran Lacks Original Material !

(some references from the series "Beginning Apologetics/ Answering Muslims )

I will be brief on this subject and go over of the examples as to how the Quran lacks original material today .
Sura 38 :21-25 - this sura is a mutilated account of Nathan confronting David with his sins of murder and adultery from 2Samuel 12 . I suggest you pick up both the Bible and the Quran and read both one after the other and you will see that the writers of the Quran (Muhammad and his followers ) took stories right out of the bible and put their own twists on them .

Sura 12:1-11 - Is a greatly embellished account of the story of Joseph the son of Jacob with its twist of course . In Sura 12:41 , it has Egyptians in the time of Joseph , (around 1500-1200BC) using crucifixion centuries before it was invented by the Persians ,who invented it around 520 BC.For anyone interested Gen chapter 37-50 is the story of Joseph son of Jacob . If it was not in the Bible there would for certain not be a version of it in the Quran . For those of you who dont know the Quran was not written until at least 625 AD .

Sura 5:110-113 -Is not taken from the Bible but the apocrypha . It is from the" Infancy gospel of Thomas ". It is the story of Jesus making a live bird out of clay . It too was written long before the Quran .

Sura 2: 249-252 - Here we have the mix up of Saul and Gideon from Judges 7.

Sura 3:34-47 - This an embellished account of Luke Chapter 1. Mary(Maryam in Quran) ,the mother of jesus , is clearly misidentified as Miriam ,the daughter of imran, the siter of Aaron and Moses .Sura 66:12 repeats this misidentifying in Sura 19:28 it calls Mary the mother of Jesus "Sister of Aaron" directly.

This information above is enough to run from the Quran and never turn back . But many of them are blinded . The truth is the Bible was put together in the late 300s by a series of councils by the Catholic church . One of those councils being the council of Hippo in 393 AD where they determined what books would go into the Bible canon . Notice this is over 200 years before the Quran was even written .

Hope you enjoyed . Stay tuned for another addition of the Quran Series soon .