Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Quran Series

Covering Their Tracks

Muhammad was very clever in covering his tracks, for at least the ignorant . He knew that there would come a time when people would begin to question his book (Quran) Lest take a look at a few suras shall we?
Al-Baqarah 106
"None of our revelations do we abrogate or cause to be forgotten but we substitute something better or similar... "
This is trying to say GOd can contradict himself by saying one thing and changing view on it later. This covers his tracks not only for some of the bogus claims the Quran makes but also for the contradictions it has with the bible . It and the Bible seem to clash heads at times. The Quran denies certain things about Jesus and what Christian do in worshiping him .I will point these contradictions out in future blogs of course.
Al-i-Imran 78
"There is among them a section who distort the book with their tongues as they read so that you think it is part of the book .But it is no part of the Book .And they say "that is from Allah " but it is not from Allah . It is they who tell a lie against Allah ,and they know it!"
He would have said this about us today if he could . He covers his tracks often in the Quran . He stated the above verse to try and stop the truth from getting out about the book(Quran ) We must remember that Muhammad (when starting this religion ) took advantage of pagan Arabs . He was a respected leader among the people before writing the Quran . He was able to now manipulate the people by writing this book claiming Allah(God in Arabic) wrote it .Soon I will have another installment of the Quran series . GOd Bless ,and pray for a Muslim .