Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Im Back /political Post

Im back . Its been a while since my last post . I have been quite busy with my Knights of Columbus council and work . Alot has happened since my last post. President Obama is on the ropes . Many will argue with me pretending to be blind . The November election changed the tide . The Republicans now have the House .They almost took the Senate .They will get that in 2012 for sure . I believe that in certain cases the Tea party may indeed have hurt the Republican party by backing certain candidates . Lets not mention any names . They were certainly one of the reasons why the Party also took the House as well . I wonder why the tide has changed in the last two years so much .Let me see hmmm........ did someone say "Health care Bill? " yeah thats right .He had to push this bill . He couldn't let it go . In result, Many Democrats lost their jobs . And will lose their jobs in 2012 as well . They did not listen to the voters when they had their public meetings . Good old Nancy and Dingy Harry were lucky to keep their jobs . They are however not grateful but arrogant . They believe that because they got re-elected that they were right .The truth is that Nancy is the rep for San Fransisco .Did someone say Liberal Ville?And Harry did not have a strong enough candidate opposing him. Thats all I have for now . I will be sure to stop by throughout the week . God Bless all of you and I hope that you enjoyed this post .