Saturday, May 26, 2012

Greenville Journal

Last  Monday night , May 21,2012 , Council 10819 donated 1038 dollars to three organizations : Washington Center , Meyer center , and Greenville Disabilities and Special Needs Board (Day services ). Now  many of you in Greenville Sc may know , GDSNB is not that popular these days . 1 Day after receiving the donation , the board was dismantled . All board members fired and removed , and that included The interim director  Patrick Haddon  as well as anyone he hired while in the position . Jason Weigand  , the director of Quality assurance was also walked out as well .... He actually received the donation.He is seen with me and Dr. Brownly(Washington Center Principle)  on Facebook after we gave the donations. Well ,we was told that if I submitted our donation info with pics to Miss April Morris via email it would most likely go in Fridays journal .Instead what we got was a rehash of what happened  during the week with the firing and more negative press . Miss Morris had the chance to print something good about GDSNB but just chose to contribute in reporting the negative . I understand how it may have been a necessity to print that story , but GDSNB 's indaviduals that are served is what counts and this money went to them ... As Chairman of Operation Hope for council 10819  , I am appalled and very very dissapointed in Miss Morris . SHAME on you Miss Morris for not reporting the  good  as well . ....

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