Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Open Challenge to 7thJewlproductions

Good evening to all invited to my blog:

For the past month I have been going back and forth with a Nation of Islam Muslim by the youtube name of 7thjewlproductions (or something like that). He is a young man such as myself . He has videos that are pro Nation of Islam . They believe that the white man is the devil . They believe Jesus was not crucified but killed by a Roman officer. They believe alot of what The real original muslims believe . I debated with them for while as well . Far more educated then the NAtion of islam Muslims I encounter and especially more educated then this one as well. I came to him with points against the Quran . I came to him with the bulk of what I have in my Quran series here on this blog. He responded with stereo type attacks on priests and nuns . He came back with "liar" He came back with misinterpretation of the bible . He all the while failed to defend his Quran ,which he should have been doing . He acts as if I never came with the actual arguments . In turn he is lying about our debates that are clearly on his video comment board . He wants me to leave but I won't at this point because people are dying everyday because of what that book says and I have made it a personal mission to discredit the Quran . Since he denies that I stated certain things I made a flat out challenge to him . I challenged him to a live debate on youtube . He is yet to accept the challenge . He responded with cop-out remarks . I let him comment on my channel so all can see what kind of an individual he is . I also made the challenge to him on my channel . I made the same challenge comment on his channel but he is yet to approve the comment . I am waiting for him to accept . He is yet to accept my challenge on this blog or accept a pm messaging debate . I will keep everyone in the loop on what this man tends to do . IF he backs down or accepts I shall let everyone know .

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