Saturday, August 6, 2011



LAst week I joined CARM discussions FORUM . IT is a Christian (So they say)
Forum. Its layout is kind of like mighty righty (conservative forum) . There is a bunch of forums about the Catholic church . They have a forum category for many faiths . There is a big group of forum posts involving the Catholic church . Some of them started by anti Catholics and others by Catholics . Well for the last week I would go on these posts and correct those who were posting negatively about the Catholic church from misinterpretation or misunderstanding . WEll after a week of doing that I guess they had enough of me . One of the posters stated that the RCC was a cult . SO I responded back with Matthew 12:36-37 that states that we will all have to render an account for every careless word we speak by our words we will be acquitted and by our words we will be condemned .And I stated that Christ would not like people talking badly about his church (Matt 16 and 18) I stated that if you talk badly about his church you talk badly about him . This is pretty much what I stated in a nutshell . No more then 10 minutes later, I got a message from the moderator giving me a warning . The reason stated was that I insulted a poster . So I responded back by stating that I was warned for insulting a poster who insulted my church by calling it a cult . And that it made no sense to warn me and not him . After all it was him that first called my church (RCC ) a cult . The responded back with a 3 day band . I cannot log back in until Monday . It seems that CARM is for the most part an anti Catholic forum with no interest in hearing or seeing the truth . They have made their minds up about the Catholic church and thats all there is to it . So I wont return on Monday to that Forum . I cannot bear to see such hatred for the church without being able to respond . On youtube and Catholic answers forum you can at least respond without getting banned for the most part(unless you are really vulgar or fowl mouthed ) . CAF lets protestants state their view and defend their faith , without warnings and bans . (I got one warning from them for a misunderstanding with a fellow Catholic but other then that they are very fair) SO CAtholics be aware of CARM they only light weight comments from Catholics hit the forum . I will be back soon to finish the Quran Forum . Other then that have a good one and enjoy the blog.

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