Saturday, June 18, 2011

Quran Series .

The Quran Lacks Original Material !

(some references from the series "Beginning Apologetics/ Answering Muslims )

I will be brief on this subject and go over of the examples as to how the Quran lacks original material today .
Sura 38 :21-25 - this sura is a mutilated account of Nathan confronting David with his sins of murder and adultery from 2Samuel 12 . I suggest you pick up both the Bible and the Quran and read both one after the other and you will see that the writers of the Quran (Muhammad and his followers ) took stories right out of the bible and put their own twists on them .

Sura 12:1-11 - Is a greatly embellished account of the story of Joseph the son of Jacob with its twist of course . In Sura 12:41 , it has Egyptians in the time of Joseph , (around 1500-1200BC) using crucifixion centuries before it was invented by the Persians ,who invented it around 520 BC.For anyone interested Gen chapter 37-50 is the story of Joseph son of Jacob . If it was not in the Bible there would for certain not be a version of it in the Quran . For those of you who dont know the Quran was not written until at least 625 AD .

Sura 5:110-113 -Is not taken from the Bible but the apocrypha . It is from the" Infancy gospel of Thomas ". It is the story of Jesus making a live bird out of clay . It too was written long before the Quran .

Sura 2: 249-252 - Here we have the mix up of Saul and Gideon from Judges 7.

Sura 3:34-47 - This an embellished account of Luke Chapter 1. Mary(Maryam in Quran) ,the mother of jesus , is clearly misidentified as Miriam ,the daughter of imran, the siter of Aaron and Moses .Sura 66:12 repeats this misidentifying in Sura 19:28 it calls Mary the mother of Jesus "Sister of Aaron" directly.

This information above is enough to run from the Quran and never turn back . But many of them are blinded . The truth is the Bible was put together in the late 300s by a series of councils by the Catholic church . One of those councils being the council of Hippo in 393 AD where they determined what books would go into the Bible canon . Notice this is over 200 years before the Quran was even written .

Hope you enjoyed . Stay tuned for another addition of the Quran Series soon .

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