Wednesday, March 2, 2011

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Miracle case load :Our Lady of Guadalupe image .
(notes from
Dr. Aldofo Orozco at the international Marian conference stated that there is no scientific explanation for "Our Lady of Guadalupe " image . All the cloths similar to the Tilma have been placed in the salty and humid enviroment around the Basilica have lasted no more then ten years.
One painting of the image created in 1789 was on display in a church near the basilica where the Tilma was placed .The image was painted from the best techniques of its time, and put in a glass case .However , 8 years later the images replica was thrown away because the colors were fading and threads were breaking . The image was exposed for 116 years without any protection .The back side of the Tilma cloth is hard while the front is soft.As noted by painters and scientists of 1666 and confirmed in 1751 by Mexican painter Miguel Cabera .1785 a worker accidently spilled a 50% nitric Acid solvent on the right side of cloth .It did not destroy the fabric of cloth not even the image .1921 an explosion broke marble floor and windows 150 meters from explosion ,but neither the Tilma nor the glass case was broken. Scientists discovered that the eyes on the image contained human shapes reflected on the Cornea of each eye.Dr. Rafael Torrija Lavoignet and Dr. Javier Torroella.In 1979 Dr. Jose Aste Tonsmann made more discoveries . There is also evidence of no uinder sketch . Any painter who took himself seriously and takes himself seriously does an under sketch .
In 1789 a Skeptical priest had 11 artists paint 11 replicas of the image .In 7 years the 11 were faded. Some atheist will shout out the name of a painter named Marco who painted the image . As you can see they have no basis for it . The painting on the Tilma does not last long while the image on the Tilma has been lasting for nearly 500 years .Atheists have no explanation for this .I challenge you all to argue these points .

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