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( Notes taken from " How To Answer Atheist and New Agers " Father Frank Chacon and Jim Burnham)
John Paul II noted that some of these theories of Evolution can be compatible with Christianity. He however confirmed one theory that is clearly incompatible with Christianity. The idea that the human race evolved from dead matter is through purely random processes .Evolutionism is an attempt by atheists to use the biological sciences to disprove the existence of God . Atheistic evolution claims there is no need for an intelligent designer to explain human life .

Recent advances in molecular biology are contradicting the claims of atheistic evolutionists.Molecular biologists have shown that there are no simple living organisms ,no matter how small they may be . A living organism must be able to take in nutrition and chemically convert it to energy if it is to grow and multiply ,and form part of any evolutionary chain . For any living organism ,no matter how primitive to convert nutrition to energy requires biological systems that are unbelievably complicated . They are so complex that even with all of the incredible technology at our disposal , we are not even close to creating any living organism from nonliving matter. Yet atheistic evolutionists continue to insist that the first living organism was the result of chaotic processes in dead matter.
Limitations of Evolution
As a scientific theory ,evolution by natural selection has been very successful in explaining the generic similarities between all all living things . It can also account for the diversity both within species and between species . It does not explain origin of life. It tells us nothing about how life started in the first place . It cannot explain human consciousness ,our ability to perceive and understand the world around us. It cannot explain morality .Its limited to biological changes .It leaves origin of life ,consciousness ,and morality untouched .
Nothing in Evolution is incompatible with belief in God. Evolution could have been the mode by which God executed his design .He could have created directly or indirectly ,instant or slow .

Scientist and their quotes on God and Evolutionism .(not atheists)
FRANCIS CRICK discovered DNA structure .He was an evolutionist . He came to recognize the impossibility of dead matter forming a living organism through random processes.He grew to speculate that UFO's planted the first living organisms on earth.
SIR ISSAC NEWTON "This most beautiful system of the sun, planets, and comets ,could only proceed from the counsel,and dominion of an intelligent and powerful being"(Sir Issac Newtons ,The Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy ,Book III)
ALBERT EINSTEIN "Science without religion is lame,religion without science is blind ""I'm not an atheist .I don't think I can call myself a Pantheist .The problem involved is too vast for our limited minds"(Quotes from Nancy k.Franken berry's "The Faith of scientists :in their own words)Many Atheists like to quote scientists including Einstein from time to time . Here is what he would have told them today if they tried top quote him to get there points acrossed :
"There are yet people who say there is no god ,but what really makes me angry is that they quote me for the support of such views ". (Einstein letter to Prince Hubertus of Lowenstein)
ANTHONY FLEW was the most famous atheist in the world .Recently changed his mind .By obeying the Socratic command to "Follow the argument wherever it leads, " Flew examined the significance of recent scientific discoveries including the lawfulness of nature ,origin of life,and the Big Bang -and concluded that a Creator God must exist .
List of scientist in the past an present who and are not atheist (Too many to list all)
Francis Collins ,Freeman Dyson, Paul Davies , John Polkinghorne , Max Plank ,Werner Heisenberg ,and Erwin Schrodinger .
Now, If you read my blog on the founding father quotes you shouldn't be a surprised to see that the scientists and their quotes listed above were not atheists . You see, Atheists love to pass their opinions off as fact when in fact its just their wishful thinking that they are stating.So is the claim that all Scientists are atheists true? Nope .Wrong again atheists !

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