Saturday, October 2, 2010

Politics commentary

President Obama

Only two years in office and he has his party losing elections and running for the hills . Did someone say"Health Care Plan "? Its been reported in the news recently that McDonalds will have to possibly drop over 30,000 employees from insurance . Irony here is that many of those employees probably voted for Obama . What was he thinking? They went home to town hall meetings and even though an overwhelming number of citizens did not want this plan, they vote it in anyway. Not the change that the American people voted for . Its obvious that many of his party members will get voted out in the upcoming elections . He did not listen to the American people ,he made a mess and now when the republicans take over they will have to clean his mess up. We can already say bye bye to Harry in Nevada , and Nancy have a problem as well .
CASH FOR CLUNKERS: on the service looked nice for all but who do you think payed for that? and it is also important to know that many charities lost out on this big deal . You see people would donate their cars charities that could use them . But since Cash for Clunkers came out , people were turning there cars in for that deal .
Now, I believe that many of the voters particularly the younger voters did not take into consideration that the president chooses the judges on the supreme court . Now we were fortunate enough to have a president to appoint two conservative judges to the supreme court .President Bush made choices that God is smiling on . Obama appointed two liberal judges . Now its ok that they are female .Im all for equality ,however the recent choice is a homosexual .Her biased judgment of same sex marriage may come into play .His first appointee is also a liberal was overturned a number of times by the current supreme court . She is now on their team .We were so close to getting to the point were Abortion may be outlawed .Since Obama appointed these two were that much farther away from it .
What is his faith ? A growing percentage of Americans believe he is a Muslim . Now many will come back at me and claim that "he is a Christian remember the controversy about his pastor ?"
Well lets break that down : Now it is quite obvious that the Pastor of Obama (Wright) was in fact on the wacky side .He was Anti White and American .( "The chickens are coming home to roost")
President Obama left the church of this pastor but never joined a new one .He has been to church a handful of times since being President . Some may say he is busy however , he has the option of having a chapel in his home at the White House .The Klu Klux Klan has a program within their brotherhood called "Sleepers" They have one of their successful brothers run for office under a party name such as democrat and republican .Once they get in they help the Klan get their agenda across . This has been going on for some time now . Could it be possible that the Muslims have the same kind of program ? Now we all know his father was a Muslim .We all know he bows to the muslim leaders .He did not bring his wife to these countries because they accept him as a muslim and it is not permitted to bring your wife along for these matters . We know how he feels about the Mosque being built . He expressed religious freedom . Now we know its legal to have Mosque built but it is distasteful to have it built there, and a slap in the face to Americans who died there and their families . All he had to do was give his opinion about it and state that it is legal . For example:" It is legal to build it however American families are still wounded .It should be built a few more blocks away . He is not making wise decision to prove he is a Christian .
I got news for you , its the people with money who are putting it into the economy .They hire the employees ,they go out and spend money of shows , expensive dinners etc . You tax them highly stores and restaurants will lose money because the wealthy will hold onto their money they will have to terminate and lay off employees . Not a good move Mr. President . Why not set an agenda to tax Pornography , Tobacco , wine and beer . Everyone buys these items .In fact these items in many cases keeps these stores in business . So why not tax these items ?
Even his chief of Staff is running for the hills . Chicago Mayor huh ? That is just a cop out .He sees trouble and loss ahead . He wants to run before its too late. And did you see the stiff they put in his place ? Im not laughing . We will find out soon enough that the country did not want socialist and communist running this country .By 2012 Obama will be out but we will still have to clean up his mess .And by the way , When he told the other countries he was sorry for what President Bush had done he was showing a sign of weakness. Iran is more confident then ever now that Obama is here . Lets pray the people wise up before 2012 .It sure looks like they are starting to wise up.

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