Tuesday, October 5, 2010



Atheists today want to give us lectures about why there cannot be a god . They try and take GOd out of everything . This group called Dominion (or something like that ) wants to take Christmas out of the name of a parade . Instead of the Christmas parade they want to make it the Dominion parade .
Im going on a tangent , the purpose of this blog is to point out the hypocracy I witness on a day to day basis in my encounters with Atheists . They often quote Dawkins (author of "The God Delusion ") And they act as if that is good enough to be their check mate . However they had no clue I took the King long before . Now Dawkins did write a book a couple of years back we all know it as "The God Delusion " . However Two books were written to counter that book .One by Scot Haun called "Answering the New Atheism " and the other by Patrick Madrid called "The Godless Delusion " Both written to counter Dawkins book .I often cite these books for them to to read and they reply almost everytime with"Why would I read something by a Christian its a biased book " . Hypocrites ! Tell them to look up one of the many miracle cases and they will not .Simply because they are hypocrites. They call us close minded leading us to be not rational thinkers while they are close minded to even look at our references . And if they are close minded to that, they are not Rational thinkers by any means they are hypocrites .

Thank you , frankie

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